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“ISEAC Journal Publication Award – 2009
1st Prize :
Fullerene-C60-Modified Edge Plane Pyrolytic Graphite Electrode for the Determination of Dexamethasone in Pharmaceutical Formulations and Human Biological Fluids.
R. N. Goyal, V. K. Gupta and S. Chatterjee
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 24 (2009) 1649 – 1654.

2nd Prize :
Pt Nanoparticle-Based Highly Sensitive Platform for the Enzyme-Free Amperometric Sensing of H2O2
S. Chakraborty and C. R. Raj
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 24 (2009) 3264 – 3268.

3rd Prize :
Remediation of Phosphate-Contaminated Water by Electrocoagulation with Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy and Mild Steel Anodes.
S. Vasudevan, J. Lakshmi, J. Jayaraj and G. Sozhan
Journal of Hazardous Materials 164 (2009) 1480 – 1486.

“ISEAC Journal Publication Award – 2008
1st Prize :
Gold Nanoelectrode Ensembles for the Simultaneous Electrochemical Detection of Ultratrace Arsenic, Mercury and Copper.
B. K. Jena and C. R. Raj
Analytical Chemistry 80 (2008) 4836 – 4844.

2nd Prize :
Development of an Electrochemical 90Sr–90Y Generator for Separation of 90Y suitable for Targeted Therapy.
R. Chakravarty, U. Pandey, R. B. Manolkar, A. Dash, M. Venkatesh and M. R. A. Pillai
Nuclear Medicine and Biology 35 (2008) 245 – 253.

3rd Prize :
Electroanalysis of Some Common Pesticides Using Conducting Polymer/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode.
P. Manisankar, P. L. A. Sundari, R. Sasikumar and S. P. Palaniappan
Talanta 76 (2008) 1022 – 1028.

“ISEAC Journal Publication Award – 2007
1st Prize :
Synthesis of Flower-Like Gold Nanoparticles and Their Electrocatalytic Activity Towards the Oxidation of Methanol and the Reduction of Oxygen.
B. K. Jena and C. R. Raj
Langmuir 23 (2007) 4064 – 4070.

2nd Prize :
Behavior of Riboflavin on Plain Carbon Paste and Aza Macrocycles Based Chemically Modified Electrodes.
R. M. Kotkar, P. B. Desai and A. K. Srivastava
Sensors and Actuators B 124 (2007) 90 – 98.

3rd Prize :
Amperometric Biosensing of Glutamate Using Carbon Nanotube Based Electrode.
S. Chakraborty and C. R. Raj.
Electrochemistry Communications 9 (2007) 1323 – 1330.

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