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ISEAC Thematic Issues

ISEAC Thematic Resource is comprised of the Seven Basic Themes covering both fundamental and applied electrochemistry. The articles on these themes are written by the ISEAC Life-Members and are collectively published in the latest issue of ISEAC Souvenir cum Bulletin named as Highlights in ElectroAnalytical Techniques (HEAT) during the ISEAC Events (on and onwards ISEAC-WS-2011). The articles need not consists of authors’ personal works or any unpublished data rather the thematic issues encourage to provide a broad view on the fundamental science, present global scenario and future challenges on each thematic topic. The entire electronic contents of all the issues of HEAT are only available for the Life-Members. ISEAC Thematic Resource promises to provide a platform for scientists and students to acquire better understandings and to deliver better performances.

The Basic Themes are as follows :

  • Electrochemistry : Fundamentals and Instrumentations
  • Electroanalytical Techniques : Past, Present and Future
  • Electrochemistry in Nuclear Science and Technology
  • Electrochemical Sensors : Fundamentals, Achievements and Challenges
  • Electrochemistry in Corrosion Science : Present Stand and Future Prospects
  • Electrochemical Fuel Cells
  • Electrochemistry in Nanoscience and Technology

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